“Priding myself on being as much of a craftsman as an artist, I create my concert art or “gig prints” using the medium of reduction block printing, also known as “Suicide Prints”. In an industry where digital design is considered best practice, my hand carved linoleum block prints have a visual quality which instantly set my work apart from my colleagues. What many would consider posters, I’ve always treated as fine art, bringing materials and techniques traditionally reserved for a gallery setting into the concert arena. 

My work is heavily influenced by nature, developed through a deep love of life drawing and the figure. The graphic elements of my work are derived from vintage sign painters of the early 1900’s with a touch of 60’s pin striping. My intention is to engage the viewer both by creating a narrative in the subject matter and also through the use of dynamic compositions. Commissions will often include specific references based around the band, city or venue, further connecting with the viewer.

I feel it is the blending of these traditional techniques with my love of live music which has made me one of today’s most prominent figures in the rock art industry.”

AJ Masthay

Born in 1975, AJ Masthay has lived in Connecticut his entire life. He attended the Hartford Art School where he majored in printmaking with an art history minor, graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1997. Masthay established his own letterpress studio in 2001 and is currently based out of Hartford, CT. 

Clients include The Grateful Dead, Black Sabbath, Dead and Company, Foo Fighters, South Park, Queens of the Stone Age, The Jerry Garcia Estate, Widespread Panic, Umphrey’s McGee and many more.

Outside of the studio, AJ enjoys time with his wife Kara and two Labrador retrievers (Dexter and Halley) in their West Hartford, CT home. Other interests include treasure hunting at the local flea markets and all things natural history related including an extensive osteology (skull) collection.